An American in Paris

An American in Paris

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Roman Polanski's films seemingly perfectly fit into the scheme of genre cinema. Analyzing his achievements, we come across a horror, thrillers, comedies, spy movies, Family, Adventure ... Be aware, however, of a certain specificity in the treatment of each individual scheme, which uses Polanski to portray ordinary logic and intrigue. "Frantic" could be more or less successful detective thriller with a twist, reminiscent of the best traditions of the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock, if not a characteristic "signature", which he uses to create the next Polanski production. Everything starts normally, but abnormally - sedate, loving American couple arrives in Paris for business. They stop in an elegant hotel where you will want to freshen up after the journey and enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed. Along the way, however, followed the typical cracks director - someone switched the suitcase at the airport, a stranger called from Paris to heroes home in San Francisco ... When the viewer is already trapped in a suitable climate, the return of the action - the wife of the main character disappears. Just. He grabs a red dress and go out of the hotel. Of course, it is easy to guess that the rest of the story will focus on its search. The first thing I would note is the conduct of the hero played by Harrison Ford.


Let's try to imagine a similar situation - in a strange city disappears suddenly someone close to us. We do not have any clues what could have become of her, except that we know that should not disappear. With this most likely we do not have the ability detective Hercules Poirot. What we do? We try, as Richard Walker, the bits of information to hit the trail for some, not at the same time striving to develop intricate intrigues.


Laboriously, step by step, trying to find the answer.


Hence, perhaps (and this is just one of the proposals) such and not another atmosphere of the movie - the thriller as a fairly leisurely pace. With all its psychological realism "Frantic", however, it is a film full of grotesque, as befits a Polanski. Pathetic attempts to communicate with the natives Walker is one of the better examples. The famous dance scene with Michelle (Emmanuelle Seigner) the club is reminiscent of the lead actors by Andrzej Zulawski. Harrison Ford, who in the main role may seem awkward and inelegant, perfectly fits in the form of a catalog of similar short films - other strangers. In Walker's case echoes the history of Trelkovskiego "Tenant", as he cornered a foreigner in Paris, and even Rosemary Woodhouse. Keep in mind that Polanski (leaving aside his sins) always and everywhere he was a man maladjusted - as a Jew, as a Pole, first in France, then in Hollywood, then again in Western Europe. The stigma of a foreign oppression can be seen in many of his films, and "The Tenant" and "Frantic" what are the best examples. Since the vapors of the absurd Polanski keeps primarily a scenario that especially in the second part of the film becomes more conventional, but irrational contents of the changed suitcases can think that it may be only a MacGuffin and not an end in itself, even though it seems to be the climax of the whole intrigue . It seem more interesting than the small elements that make it different look at the world, The created images Witold Sobociński - will engage in the brain of the protagonist Grace Jones song, wonder "customs" prevailing in Europe (for example, cocaine behind the wheel). Both pictures and music (though Ennio Morricone soundtracks posted better) only heighten the experience. And it is another clue, which only napomknę - "Frantic" may well be the next (not the first and not the last) commentary by director on Polanski's crime in 1974. Because what we really see in the film? Right, monogamous, an American family, who can not believe in depravity "rotten" Europe. But it's just a loose idea, which I prefer to leave tabloid biographers Polanski.


  Let me quote a few paths that can be followed by watching "Frantic," because I am convinced that this film is causing harm, placing it in the rigid framework of a thriller.


This film can also be a delicious treat for every moviegoer who likes to let go at him eye. For dessert we all leave one more question: do you notice the garbage? .