Top 10 Killing Zombie Games

Top 10 Killing Zombie Games

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To reach this milestone, the game had to top the first sort record holder, "Angry Birds Space," which reached 50 million downloads in 35 days, above what double the amount necessary for "Temple Run 2." In addition, "Angry Birds Space" launched simultaneously on iOS and Android; "Temple Run 2" for Android for you to launch until a week later style over the iOS version. "Temple Run 2" debuted in Apple's App store on Jan. eighteen.


Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles - This is often a terrific game for catacombs exploring people. It provides a great experience for those who own iOS and Android goods. The game is fun and relaxing.


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Let's look at the game in more detail. The main menu has three options: play, shop and environments. In settings menu you can choose sensitivity, sound/music. In the overall game shop you can get upgrades for your platform, ball and energy recovery. Each one of these enhancements are with the coins you collected during gameplay. When you are impatient and want to get increasingly boosts immediately, then you can purchase coins (for cash).


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