Stop the Itchy Bites of Bed Bugs

Stop the Itchy Bites of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious bloodsuckers that invade all types of buildings that are inhabited by humans. These pests are sometimes inadvertently brought home by travelers who have visited infested hotel rooms. One of the hallmark signs of bed bugs in a home is the unwelcome bites that are left behind. When someone is waking with red and irritated bites on their body, they need to call the professionals for pest control fort wayne.


Signs of Bed Bug Problems


It is essential home and business owners know the warning bed bug signs that may be present in their home when these bugs are a problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know the warning signs, so they do not call the pest control specialists in a timely manner. As time goes on, the population of bed bugs will only continue to grow and could eventually lead to a full infestation that becomes more difficult to handle. Continue reading to learn ben's bug spray on the signs that may be noticed.


Blood spots on bedding, clothing, and mattressesBlack stains on bedding, clothing, and mattressesItchy bumps that form a zigzag pattern on the skinShed skins and egg casings


It is rare for a person to see a bedbug because they are so tiny. These minute insect pests are expert hiders and generally do not come out until the occupants of a home are sleeping. During the night, the bed bugs will make their way to their human host and bite their victim. They release an anti-clotting substance that makes the blood flow freely, so they can feed until they move on to a new spot.


Although ben's are not deadly and pose no real risk to humans or animals, they are a nuisance no one wants in their home or business. Most property owners want to be rid of these pests as soon as possible, so they rely on the pest control specialists in the Fort Wayne area.


Call for Service


If you are dealing with a bed bug problem in your home, it is essential you seek treatment from a professional right away. Bens Bugs Be Gone is the answer to your pest nightmare. They offer a variety of pest control treatments and can handle all types of insect and rodents. Call ben's insect repellent if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have your bed bug problem taken care of right away.