Paul Cottle Construction in Portland Can Help You With All Your Restoration Needs

Paul Cottle Construction in Portland Can Help You With All Your Restoration Needs

Professional Home and Business Restoration Services

Portland, OR - February 20, 2019 - Paul Cottle Construction in Portland specializes in home and commercial remodeling and renovation services. With years of extensive industry experience, they have the tools and expertise to beautify, enhance and restore any sized property. With complimentary consultations and free estimates, your local remodeling contractor Paul Cottle is simply a phone call, text or e-mail away.

Restoration is needed when property damages occur due to busted pipes or water mains. This may lead to flooding within your home and perimeter. Similarly, inclement weather can also cause structural damage, as well as severe damage to flooring, sheetrock and both interior and exterior areas. With this in mind, Paul Cottle Construction offers complete restoration for all homes and businesses in the Greater Portland area.

Paul Cottle Construction performs timely inspections of damaged properties. This includes leak detection and plumbing repairs, along with water extraction and dry out. They also check and remediate mold spores, along with structural inspection and water damage restoration. No restoration job is ever too big or small for this remodeling contractor, and the company is fully certified and insured with great industry ratings and customer reviews.

With emergency restoration services, Paul Cottle and his highly-dedicated team can restore your properties back to normal. They even handle furniture and carpet dry out, along with mold and mildew control. Similarly, their services extend to cover ozone odor removal, deodorization of furniture and belongings, and complete insurance claims processing with deductible assistance.

If your home or business has been impacted by Mother Nature, help is on the way. You simply need to call Paul Cottle Construction to discuss your property cleanup and restoration needs. The company has successfully handled countless restoration jobs for homes, businesses, warehouses, retail establishments, schools and more across Portland. From mold cleanup and insurance repair to home improvements and remodeling, Paul Cottle Construction is a remodeling contractor that simply does it all.

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